Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ice climbing at Tebay

Hello and welcome once more. Today I tried something new I went ice climbing near Tebay, Cumbria. My climbing buddy Simon went on a course last winter in Scotland and was keen to teach me some new skills. So off we went for a couple of hours of fun.
The temperature when we got out of the car was -8C and never really warmed up from that. Still 3 coats and 3 base layers keep you warm enough.
As this was my first time we were staying on easy stuff and Simon was giving me instructions all the way. The first few goes were very hard as my technique was poor, but after the initial couple if slips off the ice I soon got the hang of it. Now I know that I climb to a reasonable standard on rock but this is so different, there is not nearly as much looking round for holds like I do on rock it's just look, hit, pull and kick. That's about all there is to it on a top rope. Now after 6 climbs up this small piece of rock I can say that I love it, its so much fun and so different to anything else that I love it.

This is the ice


-Hope you have enjoyed this and if so tell everyone if not tell me

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