Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy new year (cycling blog)

Well folks happy new year.
The old year finished with crowning of a new Merlyn Cup cycling champion, Andrew won with a total of 3481 miles for the year. Robert was second with 3475 and I came in third with 3171. Until I had the mechanical problems before Christmas I was hoping to have covered 3400 by the end of the year so still would have been third.

So new year, new Merlyn Cup. I went out today and covered 60 miles including the hill at strawberry bank, Cumbria. I could tell that I had not done any big bike rides for a few weeks as my legs were aching for the last 10 miles. Still a good start to the year as last January I only covered 180 miles all month.
There were a few problems today first I got a puncture after only 5 miles, new inner tube fitted and back on the road. Second I think that I had a tight link on the chain which caught on the derailleur causing minor damage to the chain. So a link was taken out at Bowland Bridge. This is where I noticed that the rear rim looked like it has a small deformation on it. This may have been caused by the over-tightening of a spoke when I had one fitted back in the summer. So it looks like I will have to buy a new rim, bummer.
Does anyone know somewhere in north Lancs or south lakes that supplies 700c rims suitable for disk brakes on a cyclocross bike.
Speak again soon.


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