Monday, December 13, 2010

Bike ride towards Pilling

I went for a nice bike ride this morning. A distance of 41.8 miles in a time of 2 hours 25 mins. I was quite happy with this as it was a northerly wind which was good at the start of ride, against me at the end and a cross wind for the middle. I took a route that went through Lancaster to Pilling and then Stalmine, Rawcliffe back to Pilling and then home. Most of the ride is fairly flat with just some undulations on the way out of Lancaster. I had a scary moment in Pilling as I went round a corner at 20 mph+ I went over a double metal manhole cover which gave a two wheel slip. I am not quite sure how I managed to stay upright but some how I did. I took the Marin Lombard out today, this is a cyclocross bike to which I have fitted a pannier rack (for the commute) and Schwalbe Zodiac 700C / 35 slicks. These are great for the road and in my very unscientific way think that they speed me up by 1-2 mph. The problem does come though when as above you loose traction on a bit of metal or a White line in the wet, this was never a problem on the tyres that came with it.
Total milage for the month now is 77.8 and 3147.9 for the year.

Cheers Jayme

-Hope you have enjoyed this and if so tell everyone if not tell me

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