Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cassettes and snow


Well please ignore my last posting about having two bikes available for use. Set off for work on Thursday morning on the cyclocross bike with the new chain fitted and all was well for the first mile or so, my problems occurred when I tried to shift out of the small cog on the rear cassette. In every other gear the chain was just slipping around the cogs, I made the decision to carry onto work the short way and to stay on the small cog and just shift on the top and middle gear on the front gears. This was fine until I reached the prom and the headwind hit me. This was a very hard ride so I decided rightly or wrongly that the problem may be that I had not quite counted the links correctly and I has left the chain to long, so I decided that at 06:15 in the morning on Morecambe promenade that I would take a link out of the chain. 10 mins later and I was ready to set off again. Guess what - no improvement. Now this is where my day got slightly better, someone on my shift who has a large estate car drove past and saw my frantic waving. He stopped and gave me a lift into work and home again. Thanks Huw.
Now my problem seems to be that the rear cassette is worn and
needs replacing. A quick check on the Internet and a replacement 8 speed rear cassette is about £20 so not to bad. This will be my job for this week before Christmas to try and get the bike back on the road.

This had now left me with one more day shift to do and only my old bike, which is set up for snow and ice, available. So I used it to get to work and guess what, in the afternoon it snowed, yippee. So this was my first trial of the snow tyres and I found them to be really good. There was about one inch off snow on the ground and the tread on the tyres cut through really well. Not sure if there was any ice under the snow but I never had any wobbly moments so all in all a great first test ride.
Speak again soon.


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