Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New inner tubes

We often have problems with punctures in our family. My wife seems to like to get at least one per week. I think that it is cycling along the canal towpath that is the problem, lots of very small and sharp stones and also thorns off the trees. I have now got fed up of fixing these little blighters so I have invested in a four of these Nutrak Self Sealing Inner Tubes. Two for my winter bike and to for her bike. I ordered these from and they arrived on Tuesday morning. The first problem was that I had been sent 3 self sealing inner tubes and 1 normal one, a quick phone call to customer services and they said the correct one would be sent out and I could keep the other one by way of an apology, problem sorted.
So this morning I went out to change the tubes on my bike and hers and this is when the next problem occurred. Two out of the three inner tubes that I had were passing air at the valve. This meant another phone call to customer service and they want me to post the faulty ones back to them. So wasted hour there.
The other job I had this morning was checking the stretch of the chain on my good bike. So far this bike has done 3000+ miles on it's original chain. I used a Park Tools CC3 chain checker which is a simple go - no go gauge. It measures between 0.75% and1% chain stretch and I found that mine was well past the 1% mark. Old chain off and new one fitted without any problems. So now have both my bikes set up and ready to go.

Work tomorrow :(


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