Friday, December 10, 2010

New bike tyres

Well over the last week or so we have had lots of snow and ice. After slipping and sliding about I decided to purchase some ice tyres for my bicycle. The ones that I went for are the Continental Nordic Ice 120. These are a knobbly tyre with metal studs around the edge. The idea is that the knobbly bit works in the snow and the metal stud grips on the ice. They were ordered from and came very quickly thank you. Fitted them on Wednesday to my old hybrid bike as I do not want to take the good bike out in the icy conditions. First impressions very good, you have to try hard to get a front wheel skid and gives good grip when setting off on ice. The problem came when I tried to test the back brake. I have not used the hybrid bike for a good few months and found that the back brake cable was seized and I was unable to brake, not the best situation to find yourself in on ice. A quick trip to Ribble cycles and a new brake cable set and Park Tools cable cutter/crimper was purchased. New brake cable fitted and I am good to go. Only one problem now The Ice Has Gone. So now have to wait another year for the right conditions to use them.

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