Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bike upgrade/repair (blog)

Well it was reasonable weather today so I decided this afternoon to try and replace all the running gear on the old bike. I had a new bottom bracket, crankset, rear cassette, rear derailleur, chain, and rear gear cable. The front derailleur was only changed last year.

Getting all the old gear off the bike proved to be the hardest part of the task. The pedals would not come off the crank arms, the crank would not come off the bottom bracket and then this would not come off the frame, well not without fighting every step of the way. Eventually I managed to strip it all down apart from the pedal on the left hand side which seems to be seized solid (I will take to work to use a vice when on nights). So then I had a pile if old parts like this.

The rebuild then started with the BB going in with a generous coating of anti seize on the threads, the crankset next then the rear cassette, derailleur and chain. I have now run out of time / light for today so the cable and the final set up will have to wait until next week. Here's hoping that we get no snow as I will be using the bike for work all weekend.

All the fitted components are looking good.

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