Friday, January 21, 2011

Buxton walking and TGO Challenge planning (blog)

It's now the weekend that I have been looking forward too for quite a while now. It is the TGO Challenge planning / walking in the Peak district time. I have decided to get the train down to Buxton and then a bus to the little village of Litton where we have a cottage booked. There will be five of us this weekend, my TGOC buddy Natasha, her partner Paul and a couple of their colleagues
Will and Richard. I have met all of these before and they a good bunch.
So here I am now on my second of three trains this one to Manchester Piccadilly. It is an hours journey and there is no heating or toilets on the train. It feels about minus 5 sat here and I have to sit next to an obnoxious woman who has told me 5 times that she has a first class ticket but is slumming it in cattle class because it is warmer. Do us all a favour and bog off back to first class. The plus side is that I have managed to buy a coffee on the train so all is not woe.
I will keep you up to date over the weekend about our planned route.
Went for a really nice bike ride on Wednesday after nights. I had a few hours in bed got up at lunch time and went out to Knott End. Th weather was perfect, sunny hardly any wind and warm enough to get out in shorts and a short sleeve top. It was just great. I managed 43 miles at an average of 17.5 mph so I was very happy with that. The other us side is that for the first time this year I am leading the Merlyn Cup, I have just over a 10 mile lead from Robert. No doubt he will be out this weekend and retake the lead, but it's nice to be out there for a day or two.

My Wiggo cycling top.

-Hope you have enjoyed this and if so tell everyone if not tell me

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  1. Will you be carrying the tent on your training walks? ;-)

  2. No tent this weekend, we have a lovely little cottage in the village of Litton. Having said that you know what Nat's nagging is like, it's enough to weigh any one down. :)