Sunday, December 31, 2000

Stuff and nonsense

Well it has been a quiet week, not much happening at all. I have hopefully sent off my final route plan for the TGOC, this year We have Alvar and Ann as out vetters and as usual there comments and corrections are very useful. I have included a link on the side of the page to a small sheet which in the fullness of time will show a brief route plan and also distance and ascent for each day.

Maths joke now. There are 10 types of people in this world.
Those that understand binary and those that don't.

No bike rides this week, excluding the usual commute, so nothing much to say on that front. I have yet to finish work on the modifications to the old bike, it will run at the moment as a single speed as I have not re-cabled the rear derailleur yet or set the front derailleur up either. I plan to finish that this weekend if the weather is nice, but not so nice that I can go out for a ride. As we go to press I am about 200 miles ahead in the Merlyn cup I hope to extend that lead to about 500 by the time the TGOC comes around as I will have nearly three weeks of from cycling and do not want to fall behind like last year.

I have also rediscovered the wonder that is E-Bay. I have been selling surplus outdoor gear that is now too large for me. A couple of waterproof jackets have now gone and this has given me enough money to purchase a new waterproof that fits (yippee). I went for a Montane Superfly XT, I know all you super light weight gear freaks will be shaking your heads and the Paramo lovers will be tutting, but I have always found Montane gear to strike the right balance for me between weight and performance, and let's face it, it could be two weeks of god awful rain and wind in Scotland so a good rain coat is essential.

Not sure if I have mentioned this in an earlier blog but a bloke called Peter Molenaar is coming over from Dutchland in March for a few days if walking and gear shopping in the Lake District. I met Peter in Ryvoan bothy on a very wet and windy day in 2009, we were both on the TGOC. We met up again latter the next day and walked together to Ballater. Then on TGOC 2010 we bumped into each other again just outside Mar lodge and again walked together for a few days over to Clova and then Tarfside. This year we have actually planned to meet up half way across in Aviemore and walk to the coast as a threesome from there, which should be nice. Any way in March he is coming over and as he has never been to the Lakes before I was trying to think of a good walk that would show off the area at it's beat. Any ideas?

That's enough for now.

Bye bye


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